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Heat Level: Mild
Category: Other Recipes

  • Any of Rustlin' Rob's Leftover Pickle Juice
  1. You can brine many things. For example - boiled eggs, onion garlic and most soft veggies.
  2. Great for tenderizing meat. Use it as a marinade for Pork Chops or Steak.
  3. Gives great flavor to potatoes or chicken by boiling in pickle juice instead of water!
  4. Add a little extra flavor to your favorite BBQ sauce!
  5. Try adding it to your favorite Mac & Cheese recipe!
  6. Replace the vinegar in most recipes with leftover juice for extra flavor.
  7. Add while you are cooking veggies or fish.
  8. Add it to Bloody Mary's.
  9. Put it in Hummus.
  10. Poach fish.
  11. Add it to a meatloaf recipe!

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NOTE: All our pickles will work well with these leftover juice ideas.

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