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Corn Relish TODO 1080x600

Heat Level: Mild
Category: Other Recipes

  • Rustlin' Rob's Corn Relish
  1. Have it on a slice of bread!
  2. Top your favorite salad!
  3. Top your baked chicken!
  4. Have it served on grilled pork chops!
  5. Great on all types of grilled or fried seafood.
  6. Great on fish tacos, salmon cakes, crab, or even shrimp.
  7. Top an avocado for a yummy snack.
  8. Great on a Sausage Dog!
  9. Add to Salisbury steak!
  10. Add it to grilled steak sandwiches.
  11. Add to a quesadilla.
  12. Eat it served with chips or crackers!
  13. Great in omelets or with scrambled eggs.
  14. Mix it into your potato salad.
  15. Add to sour cream for a chip dip!

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