Wild Peach BBQ Sauce

Peach BBQ
A great barbecue sauce right out of the jar, but for the serious cook, follow Rob’s recipe:

1 Bottle Rustlin’ Rob’s WILD

Barbecue Sauce
1 12oz Full-bodied Beer
1/3 Cup Yellow Mustard
1/3 Cup Brown Sugar
1/3 Cup Honey

Empty beer into saucepan, warm on low heat bringing to a simmer.

 Add remaining ingredients, mix well until mustard dissipates. Taste, and if a little “Whangy” (That’s tart, for y’all yankees), cook an additional minute. Pour sauce onto uncooked meat and marinate at least one hour to let the flavors absorb. Grill meat as usual.

Grill meats, poultry and fish.  Pour over burgers or sandwiches for a spicy treat.  Mix with a favorite meatloaf recipe.  Mix with horseradish for a zesty cocktail sauce.  Serve with fajitas, grilled veggies, chicken or pork.


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