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Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves

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Gluten Free.
Oil Free.

Ripe and juicy red raspberries bursting with flavor,  fused with spicy jalapenos. Giving this sweet-heat jam a sophisticated twist. Mix with cream cheese, enjoy on a bagel, or serve with crackers for a quick appetizer. Delectable as a glaze for chicken, pork, shrimp, or as an accouterment to your cheeseboard. 


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1 review for Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves

  1. jlwatson35

    I so wanted to love this, but there’s nothing really “hot” about it. It wasn’t really spicy at all. Maybe I’m immune to heat? Also, it was just a bit runny to me.

    • Rustlin’ Rob’s

      This particular product is more about the flavor versus heat. We have a lot of pepper jellies including some that have habanero in them. These would be the hotter ones. Anyone that is in the store looking for a “hotter” product ask one of our employees. They are experts on our items.

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