Voodoo BHUTY THYME Hot Sauce 5oz

Voodoo BHUTY THYME Hot Sauce 5oz

$ 9.99

Fused with a classic Italian tomato sauce with savory herbs and some of the planet’s hottest peppers to bring a dance party to your palate! A blend of Thai red peppers and the infamous Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) are set to bring your face a wonderful chile pepper adventure of epic proportions. At first you are washed over with a wave of luscious, savory, Mediterranean flavors and just as the transient heat of Thai pepper fades, the late-fused and enjoyable burn of the Bhut starts to build, lending a spicy glow to the smile you are certain to have!

This uh’mazing tomato treat will literally have your taste buds dancing their Bhuty off!

Uses: we haven’t met a tomato based Italian or Mediterranean dish that this doesn’t work wonderfully with. Also awesome on pizza, meatball subs, and it is, of course, guaranteed to bring life to the most lifeless of meatloaf!

From Virginia

Ingredients: Tomato puree (tomato, water), Red wine vinegar, Sugar, Ghost pepper, Himalayan salt, Onion, Garlic & Thai chile powder, Thyme, Abscorbic acid, Citric acid, Basil, Oregano.

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